Why Do You Need A VPN For Using Social Media Accounts

need a vpn

Need A VPN: Social media is like an open book, everyone wants to read it. Even if you try to make it private, it is still not. Some people want to invade your privacy and enter your private life uninvited. Not only personal accounts, but social media influencers, celebrities, politicians, athletes, and business tycoons using social media accounts are at stake. This intrusiveness and invasion are called hacking and in the IT world, it’s cybercrime. Hacking accounts is quite easy and can be done within a few minutes. User data such as pictures, videos, messages, and also business accounts with organic follower reach is easily hacked. Imagine running a successful business page and then boom your account is hacked and all the years of handwork is wasted by the hands of cybercriminals.

So, what can be done? How can one be safe using social media networks and enjoy personal space? Well, if technology can be misused, we can use it for good too.

So, if you think you are the only one using social media accounts then it’s probably a mistake. There might be someone peeking into your account right now. Let’s learn the ways to be saved and what precautions can be taken for a secure socializing experience.

Some Of The Reasons Why You Need VPN Using Social Accounts.

These reasons are enough to make up my mind about getting a VPN service. You can download a VPN or any kind of device such as VPN downloads for Mac, Android, Linux, and other operating systems as well.

1.      Complete Anonymous Online Browsing

Starting with anonymous surfing, having the freedom to use the internet without worrying about cyberattacks and threats has to be one of the best things. VPN lets you enjoy social media surfing while keeping your online activity private.

This means that only you can know your internet history and no one. VPNs also have a built-in password manager that keeps your entered passwords safe and protected on different websites.

2.      Switch Servers

Using a VPN means that when you log in to your social media accounts there might be some connection issues. Due to this the IP address changes and your original location is visible to the intruders. Hence, users can switch to different servers and as use a new one without getting caught by creepy intruders.

3.      Change IP Address

Users can change the IP address that protects the user’s connection and allows them to browse with a completely new location. So, a VPN will help you get a new IP address that is untraceable and your social media accounts cannot be traced.

4.      Access To Blocked Social Media Content

For social media content creators, VPN is a blessing as it will unlock all the geo-restricted content. Some countries block certain videos and Instagram posts. VPN will help them unblock for you so that you can access unlimited content on all the social media websites and platforms.

5.      Protects User Data

The main goal of using a VPN is to protect user data and to keep the devices protected from data breaches. VPN has AES-256 encryption and WireGuard protocol that blocks malicious files and malware that can harm the devices resulting in data breaches.

Moreover, some ads pop over social media apps, most of them have virus links that make their way into devices and as a result, hackers can easily hack the social media accounts.

6.      Allows Online Browsing On Public Connections

Since social media is all about fun and entertainment, it is used everywhere. People log in to their accounts on public Wi-Fi connections which is an open invitation to welcome hackers to attack your devices.

These open connections contain malware links that can pop up on screens and even when the person doesn’t click the link, it will still enter the devices.

This is where VPN becomes a virtual blessing allowing people to make the most of a virtual network.


So, this was all about need a VPN and why social media networks need to be protected. Every single individual should download a VPN and use it for their online privacy and security.

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